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New Technologies / RWW Contracting

    • Reliance Worldwide Contracting:

      -Smart eToilet:

      Is a modular,per-fabricated public toilet made of stainless steel;comes in different models suiting all environmental conditions and client preferences and is integrated with user-friendly electronic interfaces,to ensure cleanliness and hygiene to every user.

      Unmanned,automated and air conditioned eToilets,remotely monitoring capabilities tracked over secured web (IOT Based Technology).

      -Anaerobic Reactor Technology – Human Waste Treatment:

      An anaerobic reactor (ABR) is an improved Septic Tank with a series of baffles under which the waste water is forced to flow under and offer the baffles from the inlet to the outlet. The increased contact time with the active biomass (sludge) results in improved treatment. ABRs are robust and can treat a wide range of wastewater, but both remaining sludge and effluents still need further treatment in order to be reused or discharged properly.

      - Food Recycling Solutions:

      The food bio-digesting unit can be thought of as a big stomach – it can digest whatever you can digest, and it does it using the same process (microorganisms). The waste output of the unit contains everything that went in whereas in the human stomach, we absorb the nutrients so they don’t go down the drain. The output from the human stomach goes down the sewer. The output from the unit goes down the sewer.

    - Smart Solar Integrated Street Light (Ecosis):

    A fully integrated solar street lighting system –Solar panel, battery, controller , light, sensor and all other accessories are integrated in a single cabinet, easy installation, automated ON/OFF mechanism according to natural light /time/web,minimizes manual interventions,Power saving technologies – Intensity of light varies according to motion presence & time, IOT based technologies –Web Based remote controlling and monitoring facilities & Green- Co2 emission is less.

    • Reliance Worldwide Catering (Food Logistics and Stock Management) Innovation 1:

    Our live tracking system in each fleet unit GPS trackers for drivers to navigate routes in real time for optimal efficiency. Temperature Control log - fuel efficiency, reduces wear and tear on the vehicles, and ensures that trucks pick up and drop off on time and on schedule. We are running a fleet easier and reducing errors chances that can cause delays.

    • Innovation 2: