Passion for Service Excellence

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We Are Guest-Driven

Having grown from catering services into a full-service provider of camp and catering solutions, we had the time to consider what would define the best. It wouldn’t be just better food, better life-support & accommodations or even a value-added cost effectiveness, but instituting an attitude of true service value with passion.

We support the flow of business progress and regional success through optimizing the quality of life for the workers of companies we support. How well we serve is often how much they succeed, and when we built our services we envisioned the optimal experience for that worker. Food that is fun and nutritious, accommodations that provide comfort, and an overall experience that people look forward to and tell stories about.


Built and grown through long-lasting camp services culture emerged from a team of experienced catering and camp specialists tackling an opportunity within the remote camp marketplace. This built an organization that prides itself in the highest quality product, designed around the clients’ needs, using a value maximizing approach to long-term-business rather than one focused on profit.

It might seem simple, but it requires us to explore every opportunity to optimize our operations. We source local suppliers when able, offer exceptional training to meet international and local staffing requirements and hire the best teams to produce the best results. The outcome of our process is the best possible experience for our guests and the greatest value achievable for our customers.