Passion for Service Excellence

Industrial Catering

Quality Catering and Workforce Moral

Premium catering in remote camps setting has a positive effect on turnover rates and productivity. A well-fed workforce is a healthier, happier workforce. Our remote camp catering menus are designed to give your workers great-tasting meals and better nutrition. The result? Fewer sick days and accidents, enhanced well-being, and improved safety.

Our clients are so pleased; they don’t leave us – we enjoy a 99% client retention rate for our remote camps catering services.

Our experts explain what would your recommended daily amounts of nutrients based on the nature of work and preferences at work-site and climate , including balanced diet for vegans. Serving the perfect portion and recipes to make everyone happy and healthy. We provide local and international food with high quality measures freshly prepared at remote sites and camps.

At Reliance, Worldwide Catering Services, we understand that breakfast is so important for workforce daily starting energy at work followed by timely measured served lunch and dinner schedules among that comes the balanced snacks and for the 24 hours’ duties comes the midnight meals (24-7). The tremendous importance in relieving stress for crews working nature. Balanced food in “Home away from Home” standards and guarantee each balanced meal we are preparing will deliver the needed energy, taste appeal, confidence, conviviality and recreation to each client natively.

We feed thousands of meals to people every day. We cover all aspects of food services to pleasing multi nationals from around the globe:

Our service includes:

· Executive outdoor and indoor dining; specialized menus; themes for the occasion

· Staff dining (balanced and nutritional) Brain – Body – Soul

· All remote camps (onshore and offshore)

· Mass catering and thermos packed meals (biodegradable – FDA Compliance Packaging)

· Guest houses and live cooking stations

· Catering services menus rotational planners (Breakfast -Lunch – Dinner – Midnight) food planning and menu design

· Health, nutrition and hygiene, safety control and management

Food Services in Remote Areas Adapted to your Needs

The main objective of our services is to offer healthy and safe food catering services from the very best branded products and origins. We create nutritionally balanced and specialized menus to suit all ethnically required service, religious seasons and cultural tastes; each by the native chefs and service associates.

Remote Camps Catering

Food and beverages; the energy human needs for sustained productivity with quality is the comfort found in hearty, nutritious catered meals after a tough shift can be the factor that convinces workers to excel in productivity.

Remote camp catering is our specialty. For more than 29 years, Reliance has offered superior camp catering services in M.E.N.A markets. Our well-established stakeholders, strategic allied (FMCG) and long-term pipeline supplies relationships with national and international food suppliers let us provide catering in remote camps with the best products at the best price.

Fresh Food Philosophy

To us, cooking in remote camps does not mean per-packaged boxes. We create our menus to rely on quality fresh ingredients (Farm to Fork) assurances. Our chefs prepare healthy, hearty meals from scratch with the freshest products, finest cuts of meat, and branded names products. Our menus and recipes continually evolve to optimize seasonal products and supplies.

Our customized rotational menus that appeal to different tastes and palates. With our catering and life-support services your remote camp work-site, your workers will appreciate the extra effort we put in to making them most happy at home like ambiance:

We also provide:

· Menu with theme for onsite occasions

· Holiday celebrations and camping

· Special VIP live cooking events

· Meals to suit dietary restrictions

Experienced Multi National Chefs

We hire licensed chefs with long lasting experience; screen them carefully for specific qualities that suit catering in a remote camp setting. Our excellent track record as an employer means we attract the best culinary talent and enjoy low turnover in our kitchens.

We work with communities in the globe to hire most suitable and support all our remote-camp catering staff with a team of executive chefs and nutritionists head office. This collaborative approach ensures that morale remains high and quality is never compromised.

Hands-on Kitchen Management

We manage all catering operations ourselves – no subcontracting to third parties. This way we can ensure all our remote camp catering services meet the highest standards for quality, safety and environmental stewardship.

Our live support management system at remote camp with a team of motivated and passionate chefs and regional managers are always available to oversee operations. We work directly with you to craft a customized remote-camp catering program that is cost-effective with sound qualities.