Passion for Service Excellence


We are countable to conduct daily routine and non-routine housekeeping duties at the camp. Our duties involve cleaning the camp offices:

  • “Sweeping, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash bins and replace hygienic disposable material as required”.
  • Clean and sanitize inside bedrooms “sweep, mop, change lenin on bed, clean bathrooms, place dirty laundry inside designated laundry bag for our laundry collection,etc.”
  • Clean around camps designated areas, camp public toilets, recreation areas, dining halls, food handling areas and stores.
  • Closely work with laundry support staff.
  • Maintain cleaning supplies and as needed.
  • Pickup and dispose material at designated disposing bins
  • Additional housekeeping duties include weekly green-day cleaning group participation to include all camp areas windows washing.
  • Our service schedules include presence of handy associates at work locations of our clients 24/7 shifts in brief key highlights of our housekeeping services.
  • We are using environment friendly material.