Passion for Service Excellence

Remote Camps

Reliance Worldwide Catering Camp Services excels at delivering quality lodging services and remote living comfort to all of our guests. By developing the profile of camps and work zones, we understand the demands of each crew jobs and the amenities that deliver a satisfying stay at the camp. We seek to develop a welcoming environment, one that is closely managed and scrutinized by our team to deliver true comfort to our guests.

Service & Supply Management

Assuring to deliver the freshest quality food and provide clean, comfortable camps services, Reliance excels to introduce customized live tracking systems to best suit the 24X7 work cycle proactively.

  • Industrial Catering
  • Complete Logistical Solutions
  • Laundry Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Proactive Supply Management

People Management

Efficient operations require the proactive management of staff and residents. We track occupancy (POB) and changeover schedules to ensure the camp is staffed properly. Reliance hires from impacted communities from around the world, providing training programs that promote personal development. We view each of our employees as a vital component in the delivery of a comfortable and enjoyable and career path work environment. We hire and invest in each of our employees to provide top quality service.

  • Hire From Impacted Communities
  • Proactive Changeover Scheduling
  • Real-Time Occupancy Reports
  • KPI and rewarding policies compensation

Safety Management

We understand our vital role in the protection of everyone’s health and safety. Reliance remote camps services will design emergency response plans and safety programs for each camp under compliance to prime client’s parameters; tailoring systems based on unique location needs. Safety training is provided for all employees utilizing our comprehensive training program that ensures complete knowledge and adoption of hazard reporting and mitigation regulations.

Reliance Worldwide Catering Camp Services has partnered with KOC D&T HSE sustainability programs & ASSE Kuwait Chapter and ongoing further expansion in all corners HSE development to provide safe service for operations. Administer and provides camp and gate security clearances, medical PME food handling regulations, safety equipment, fleet road monitoring and tracking, and alcohol and drug provision policies.