KNPC Honors Reliance Worldwide for ‘excellent’ public service

Nov 19, 2019


Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), represented by Mr. Walid Khalid Al-Bader, KNPC - CEO and the Ambassador of India to Kuwait, His Excellency K. Jeeva Sagar, honored the Kuwaiti company ‘Reliance Worldwide’ for its initiative during 2018-2019 for applying advanced solutions in public sanitation, Food and the Environmental Health in the Full Stream industry.

Reliance Worldwide CEO Mr. Amjad Al-Saleh mentioned that Reliance was honored during the conference organized by Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) in Kuwait earlier this month at the Radisson Blu Hotel for the excellence in applying advanced technology in catering services and the associated logistics, operations in conformity to international standards in the field of Health, Safety and Environment friendly technologies.

Mr. Saleh added in a press release that the appreciation of Reliance Worldwide by local and international companies in Kuwait comes as a result of long lasting efforts and devotion of Reliance team and stakeholders contributed in high level of operational and engineering excellence."Transformation and inventions in renewable energy;” serving as arm wing to mega projects growth.

He added, “the company has accomplished diverse share in serving projects worldwide with strategic alliances and collaborations by major recognized renewable energy technologies, research and development and patents; to cope with the rapid growth in innovations of the world offering sanitation and renewable energy processes, Food - Environment friendly Techniques at cost effectiveness which adds great values to development sectors.”

He pointed out the most prominent new innovation of Reliance Worldwide was ‘Smart Mobile Electronic Toilets (eToilet)’ manufactured by Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt.The first Indian smart eToilet to the world with IOT based system and mobile capabilities.

Also, Reliance introduced food recycling solutions for reuse in soil enhancement and irrigation, and reducing costs of water and electricity through clean energy solutions. In addition, Reliance have introduced waste management and environment friendly anaerobic septic tanks solutions.

Mr. Saleh said, “The company’s excellence awards came after audit visits to evaluate the operation at remote Reliance field sites by TEF Engineering Group which include verification with external laboratories tests. The results of the audit high- lighted the satisfaction level of the company services at remote sites to public and the environment, in terms of both efficiency and cost.”

Mr. Saleh pointed out, “The company during the conference had provided demonstration regarding the innovations and the benefit of applying its process in the industry to meet with advanced future technologies and continual development plans for human health, environment friendly solutions and to reduce energy costs and prevent pollution.” Major companies and individuals who are in the full stream have attended 10th conference of technological innovations with innovation interests were actively interacting with Reliance’s technical team answering there technical questions.