Reliance Worldwide sponsors ASSP’s 10th Int’l Conference and Exhibition

Dec 17, 2019

Reliance Worldwide sponsors ASSP’s 10th Int’l Conference and Exhibition

The 10th International Conference and Exhibition specialised in the fields of Health,Safety, Security, Environment and Loss Prevention professional development,

which will be held on Dec 17-18,2019 at the Regency Hotel – Kuwait–This conference is organised by theAmerican Society of Safety Professionals(ASSP) – Kuwait Chapter under the patronage of HE Minister of Oil &Minister of Electricity & Water, Stateof Kuwait and endorsed by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

Reliance Worldwide is pleased to be exclusively nominated for the Platinum position for its role in providing advanced solutions for occupational health,break through into sanitation, environment friendly solutions in food handling and food waste recycling generating reusable grey water. And, the innovation of Anaerobic bio digestive septic tank solution combined with smart electronic

toilets (eToilet) designated to full stream camps solution generating soil friendly sewer process.

Reliance Worldwide is a Kuwaiti organisation, exhibiting today for the patronage and contractors of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries and in the presence of the Minister of Oil and the Minister of Electricity and Water and the leaders of the Kuwait

Petroleum Corporation and Kuwait National Petroleum Company and Kuwait Oil Company and the Petrochemical Industries Company.

At this occasion, the CEO of Reliance Worldwide, Amjad Al-Saleh, mentioned that the sponsorship of Reliance Worldwide for the conference organised by the American Society of Safety Professionals Kuwait Chapter comes within the (CSR) framework of the company’s eagerness to encourage and enhance the role of the local industries. In addition,by polarising the modern and advanced innovative environment friendly and cost effective projects as part of its responsibility towards the development of society and companies operating in full stream sectors and in participating as service provider to beneficially eliminate food waste, protect the environment and to provide cost effective durable solutions using Solar Energy the Internet Of Things (IOT) in the latest innovation the smart eToilet ensuring sanitation care, energy and water saving. During the exhibition, a full presentation and demonstrations is to be featured to all attendees.Al Saleh, added in a press statement Reliance shall be demonstrating and exhibiting during the two days with

presentations featuring the new innovation and success in MENA markets. For Reliance third year participation comes as a continual vision into its future role in the society and industry. “A passion towards service excellence”, a devotion step ahead in pro-active manner

partnering for supporting specialised areas of health, safety and the environment; industries that are committed for the environment and the society gaining new economic development in a newdimensions.

Al-Saleh pointed out that the social responsibility of the company, which takes every year a sustainability meets with the activities of the regional aim of the exhibition. For 5 years business plan the Y2019 is the baseline of Reliance milestone in offering the unique innovations which merges between the specialised hospitality services of Reliance and the full stream industries optimum expectations

with success ratios encourages for further R & D technologies serving and protecting the environment. Ensuring safety and cost effectiveness to contractors/ business partners.

Reliance company has accomplished mobilisation of 14 full stream projects serving the largest Oil Drilling organisation of the world during the year with pipeline actions for the years ahead projects schedule.

Al-Saleh pointed out, Reliance accomplishing a number of modern environmental projects in several segments:

Industrial food catering and life support,public smart electronic toilets (eToilet),Solar energised and environmentally friendly (IOT).

The bio-digester septic tank with “anaerobic”/sewage treatment solution that converts the human waste into friendly materials to the soil which is suitable for irrigation and odor-free. In addition, by applying technical mechanisms of food bio-digesting that converts the food waste through non-chemical digestion processes into Gray water which suitable for irrigation soil-friendly and enhancer.